Fundamental Mistakes in 5S

Fundamental Mistakes in 5S: Part 5

5. No FPP (Fixed Point Photography)

“You have to know the past to know the future – Carl Sagan” Taking before picture of your 5S activity is like keeping history of what was happening.

Before you jump to 1S, 2S, 3S…… wait. Take time and capture current state in photographs. You have to be thoughtful to capture current state. How will you show before / after comparison of your 5S efforts? Its like you see some photos of weight reduction programs. They take before photos very carefully.

Why is it important to take before / after photos?

  1. To make effective presentation to stakeholders
  2. To create an internal training material
  3. To encourage others in your organization to improve.

It is very important that you create your own internal training material with your own examples for 5S. This is much better than using readymade training material. Your team members are easily able to correlate.

How to take photos?

Both before and after photos must be taken from same angle, distance, camera and height.

If your before / after photos do not match, it is confusing. Like the one shown below. You cannot make out real improvements.

One of the best practices is to mark FPP points on the shopfloor before you start 5S activity. Fixed Point Photography (FPP) is an effective and easy method of capturing and monitoring visual changes within the zone. It involves taking a photograph, from the same angle, camera, height, distance, at intervals over a period of time.

It is always better to identify FPP with your team and with consensus. Ensure that you take before and after photos from

  • Same distance (not too far – Not to close)
  • Same Light
  • Same Height
  • Same Angle

In a nut shell ensure that you capture entire story of your improvement through before / after photographs.

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