What is 5-s Deployment?

5-S is the name of a workplace management system that uses a list of five Japanese words: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and shitsuke: translated into English, Sort, Set in order, Spic & Span, Standardize and Sustain. They all start with the alphabet “S” hence this system is called “5-S”.
These all “S”s describe how to organize a workplace for efficiency and effectiveness by Sorting, identifying, and storing the items which are used, maintaining the area and items neat & clean, and sustaining the above steps. In order to strive in the global economy and competitive market, organizations are looking for ways to reduce cost, improve quality & improve productivity. The 5-S system is one of the most fundamental and widely applied methods of lean manufacturing. Its application is simple, involving basic common sense; however, the advantages cannot be underestimated due to its simplicity.

1-S » This means keeping only necessary things at your workplace, remove unwanted things from your workplace. The criteria for removal of things are unnecessary, surplus, mixed up, scrap, not in working condition, Defective and any physical abnormalities, etc.

2-S » Means to decide the place for every necessary item. It’s also known as a “PEEP” Concept which means “Place for Everything, Everything in its Place. Here in this concept, the location of each item needs to be fixed as per its frequency of use.

3-S » Means to start taking care for work areas as well as equipment It is not just the only cleaning but inspecting the work areas and equipment to identify the abnormalities and to rectify those abnormalities

4-S » Means to create standards of above 3 steps of 5-S. Circulate this standard for uniform implementation in the entire organization.

5-S » Means the discipline and the way of life in an organization to sustain 5-S. 5-S becomes a habit then the sustenance of 5-S is achieved along with total benefits and there is no need to supervise, inspect, and correct activities

Our 5s Process ?

Structure Formation-Steering Committee, Zone, Zone Leader, Plant LayOut, Roles & Responsibilities for effective implementation of Five S.

  • Establish Promotional & Communication, Reward & Recognition, Monitoring & Review Mechanism.
  • Assess current condition through Before Photography and Five S Pre-Assessment.
  • Various Training Workshop of Five S Awareness, Internal Auditor, Train the Trainers.
  • Celebrating various Events/Competitions like Mega Sorting Week/Month, Mega Cleaning Day, Five S Poster/Quiz/Slogan/Logo Competitions to engage and motivate all levels of employees.
  • Deployment of various Five S Workshop to transform various areas in an expedite mode.
  • Five S Success Celebrations, Five S Sustenance Plan, Launching 5S Manual/Visual Management Standard.

Benefits of 5s ?

  • Reducing Searching and Waiting Time
  • Reduce Transportation and Motion waste
  • Improve Space Productivity
  • Improve EHS Performance
  • System loopholes can be revealed to avoid the point of generation of Seiri (unwanted material)