What is Kaizen?

A Kaizen is a Japanese word. The meaning of the Kaizen is “Continuous Improvement”. If we break the word Kaizen, the meaning will be as Kai means “Change” and Zen means “Better”. Kaizen is a system that includes every employee – from Top management to operator. Everyone in the organization is encouraged to come up with small improvements. All systems improvement teachings emphasize ways of thinking – not just sets of practices. Every employee is hired to use their head & heart – not just their hands. So for using the creativity of all employees Kaizen is a very effective tool.

Our Kaizen Implementation Process ?

  • Structure Formation-Steering Committee, Teams, and Roles & Responsibilities for effective implementation of Kaizen.
  • Establish Promotional & Communication, Reward & Recognition, Monitoring & Review
  • Mechanism.
  • Various Training Workshops of Kaizen Awareness and Train the Trainers.
  • Celebrating various Events/Competitions like Theme Base Kaizen, Kaizen Poster/Quiz/Slogan/Logo Competitions to engage and motivate the all level of employees.
  • Practicing Gemba Walk for Kaizen Implementation.
  • Planning and Deployment of various Kaizen Blitz/Events.
  • Kaizen Mela Celebrations, Kaizen Sustenance Plan, Launching Kaizen Manual

Benefits of Kaizen ?

Brings a sense of value and purposefulness to employees, which helps boost morale.

  • Creates a gentler approach to change.
  • Scrutinizing processes helps to reduce mistakes and waste.
  • Bolsters teamwork.
  • Puts systems in place for improvements in the short and long term.
  • Improvement in Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, EHS.
  • Reducing 3M-Muda, Mura & Muri.