What is Pr@ining?

Pr@ining™ is a unique approach developed by Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd. based on 24+ years of experience of supporting organizations for improvement.

Pr@ining™ is a Practical, Project Oriented, Performance based Training which transforms your training budget in line with Dr. Brent Peterson’s suggested model to get maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

The focus of Pr@ining™ is to transform your employees from Problem Reporters to Problem Solvers. This is more sustainable than achieving just temporary improvements.

Training vs Praining?

Traditional Training ApproachPr@ining Approach
Identify Training NeedsIdentify the problem (i.e. pain issues of the processes)
Identify ParticipantsIdentify Improvement Project
Organise TrainingDecide Training specific to the Project
Identify Project (Execution)Identify the team of right people for the Project
ReviewCustomise & Impart Training + Execution Review & Measure ROI

Benefits of Pr@ining:

As projects/problems are identified before the training, hence the participants from the beginning are aware about the expected improvements after the training.

Project Charter is prepared & signed off from the beginning ensures guaranteed ROI (Return on Investment).