What is Lean Management?

The ultimate goal of lean management is to maximize CUSTOMER VALUE through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.
Lean focus to optimize the FLOW of products or services through entire value streams. In Lean deployment we focus on three fundamental business issues;

Purpose: What customer issues will be solved by Organization to achieve its own growth?

Process: How the organization assesses each major value stream to make sure each step is valuable, capable, and adequate. Also how all the steps of processes are linked by flow, pull & level scheduling.

People: To make sure someone is responsible for every important process. Also how everyone actively engaged incorrect operation & continuous improvement of that process.

Our Lean Management Process?

In lean Management projects, our prime focus is to develop a culture of lean in the organization. Instead of applying various lean tools directly. we study the value stream & accordingly designed customized lean solutions to improve the entire value stream.

  • Structure Formation-Steering Committee, Road Map, and Roles & Responsibilities for effective implementation of Kaizen.
  • Establish Promotional & Communication, Reward & Recognition, Monitoring & Review Mechanism.
  • Various different Lean Tools Training Workshops for Awareness and Train the Trainers.
  • Celebrating various Events/Competitions like Poster/Quiz/Slogan/Logo Competitions to engage and motivate all levels of employees.
  • Implementation of a variety of learning-by-doing methods such as various LeanBlitz/Events
  • Planning and Deployment of various Lean Blitz/Events.
  • Success Celebrations and Creating Sustenance Plan.

Benefits of Lean Management ?

  • Manage Team/Process Complexity.
  • More Efficient Business Processes.
  • Better Management of Changing Priorities.
  • Better Project Visibility at the Team Level.
  • Increased Team Productivity.
  • Reduced Lead Time.
  • Increased Team Morale.
  • Improved Visibility to Stakeholders.
  • Improved business performance in terms of Productivity, Efficiency, Quality, Delivery, EHS, Agility, Flexibility etc.