What is lean Management ?

It is a manufacturing philosophy based on International Best Practicing companies to constantly strive to shorten the timeline between the customer demand and delivery, by elimination of Muda, the Japanese word for waste. In present scenario Companies are facing ever-tightening situation where customers are becoming more & more demanding. They want superior quality, more customized variants, just-in-time delivery, shorter lead times and the freedom to order quantities as small as they like. In such scenario it becomes very essential for organizations to adopt new management practices like Lean Management.

What is the scope of the Lean management Program ?

The scope of Lean management program is to create a customer value stream by eliminating all wasteful activities / wastages in entire value stream from start to end to obtain maximum benefits.

Understanding Lean Management will help you to deploy and Implement Lean Management effectively, which in turn helps to:

  • Benefit Optimize lean management results
  • Increase speed, improve quality, and reduce costs
  • Eliminate the high cost of scrap, rework and factory chaos
  • Gain control of inventories and optimize their turnover
  • Increase team contribution to company’s “bottom line.”
  • Basic concept of Lean:
    • Definition of Lean
    • History of Lean
    • Building Roadmap Lean Excellence
    • Creating Lean Structure
    • Leadership role in Lean.
    • Waste – type of waste
    • Muda / Mura / Muri
    • Value Adding Time,
    • Value Adding Ratio (VA ratio)
  • 5S:
    • 5S-Measures/Audit
    • Visual Management
    • Kaizen, Kaizen Blitz
    • Gemba Board
    • Gemba Management
    • Kanban
    • Poka Yoke
    • QCO/SMED
    • Work measurement Time & Motion studies – stopwatch / M.O.S.T.
  • “Spaghetti? diagram,
  • Takt Time & JIT.
  • Cycle Time (CT),
  • Throughput Time (TPT),
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • OEE
  • Total Flow Management, Push vs. Pull manufacturing
  • Single piece flow
  • Line balancing
  • Layout
  • Low-cost automation ****