What is LMI?

LMI is the World’s Largest Professional development company that delivers consistent measurable results. Its performance improvement programs have been delivered in over 80 Countries in more than 25 languages since 1966.

The objective/Scope of LMI Training

  • Improving the world by improving people and organizations, one at a time.
  • Motivating people worldwide to their full potential.

Benefits of LMI

  • Driving Behavior Change.
  • It helps the leader do more in less time and in an easier manner.
  • Transformational Leadership producing sustainable change.
  • Tools to analyze where-am-I and where do I need to change.
  • Results are many times higher/faster for business and personal outcomes.
  • Lot of focus for on the Job Application.

Effective Personal Productivity (EPP)

Productivity is the wellspring of success and a basic part of human nature, yet many lack the direction they need to achieve. Personal Productivity is the ability to manage yourself, manage your time and manage your priorities to operate at maximum effectiveness. When looking to manage your time better, the best practice is to keep track of how you spend it. You should identify how long it takes you to finish a task, and whether certain tasks take longer to finish than you did expect. Through managing your time, you will be able to finish everything on time, control your workload, remain productive, and all that without rushing or feeling stressed.


  • Evaluate their attitude and make productive behavioural changes
  • Set goals and achieve results
  • Increase productivity through controlling priorities
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Become a team player
  • Deal with interruptions
  • Thrive in a learning environment

Attitude is Everything (AIE)


The program helps you identify dreams, Convert them into dream – goals, Help you with a powerful tool too generate a plan of action. It will help you creating an abundance attitude and why you should never never never give up.


  • Produces visible impact & Measurable results
  • Enhance your success
  • Enhance Self-Belief
  • Enhance Motivation
  • Magnetize through Positive Expectancy
  • Certificate through LMI USA