Five-S Deployment

Five-S Deployment

5-S is the name of a workplace management system that uses a list of five Japanese words: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and shitsuke: translated into English, Sort, Set in order, Spic & Span, Standardize and Sustain. They all starts with alphabet "S" hence this system is called "5-S".

These all "S"s describes how to organize a work place for efficiency and effectiveness by Sorting, identifying and storing the items which are used, maintaining the area and items neat & clean, and sustaining the above steps. In order to strive in the global economy and competitive market, organizations are looking for the ways to reduce cost, improve quality & improve productivity. The 5-S system is one of the most fundamental and widely applied methods of lean manufacturing. Its application is simple, involving basic common sense; however, the advantages cannot be underestimated due to its simplicity.

5-S in nutshell...

1-S »

means keep only necessary things at your work place, remove unwanted things from your work place. The criteria for removal of things are unnecessary, surplus, unidentified, scrap, not in working condition etc.

2-S »

means to decide the place for every necessary item. It's also known as a "PEEP" Concept which means "Place for Everything, Everything in its Place. Here in this concept, location of each item needs to be fixed as per its frequency of use.

3-S »

means keep your workplace neat and clean.It is not the workplace alone, but the whole surrounding should be kept clean and tidy. Because clean workplace boosts up the morale of employees to work.

4-S »

means to create standards of above 3 steps of 5-S. Circulate this standard for uniform implementation in entire organization.

5-S »

means the discipline and the way of life in an organization to sustain 5-S.

Our value addition to the 5-S...

Our expert's team provides their expertise to accelerate the implementation of 5-S and support from team formation to implementation till sustenance. We also furnish value addition throughout the implementation of 5-S to encourage the workforce of the organization.

As safety is essential to any organization, we cover all the aspects of the safety during its implementation.

We organize & celebrate various competitions & events in the organization such as poster competition, improvement journey logo competition, mega cleaning day, etc. As a part of sustenance of 5-S we create 5-S gallery in the organization. Also we develop 5-S pledge for everyday citation.