Work is Worship & Workplace is a Holy Place by Mr-Sushil Macwan

Mr. Sushil Macwan, Consulting Partner Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd.

Work is Worship & Workplace is a Holy Place by Mr-Sushil Macwan

Work Place is where we work, where there is value is being added, where there are creative activities are taking place. About our 50% waking time is spent at our workplace. We earn our salary by adding value to our organization's product/service. We always believe that work is worship. The Place of worship is considered as a holy place like Temple, so I think all will agree with me if I say our work place is a "Shram Mandir".

But I want to ask a question to all of you whether our workplace is maintained as a place of worship? I am sure the answer is No. As a human being we live double standards in life. We believe that our home should look Neat & Clean, because we like clean environment at home. But when there is the matter of clean environment at workplace or in our society, we don't bother for cleanliness. We are conscious of maintaining clean environment at our home, but in the workplace the scenario is totally opposite. We believe that Housekeeping function/department is responsible for maintaining the clean environment. Is it right that someone spoils the workplace and someone else cleans it? That is not the way to achieve workplace excellence.

As a human being, we feel that cleaning is a dirty activity, but we should not forget that the filth, which is repulsive for us to see, is cleaned by another human being like us only. Even our Rashtrapita Shri Mahatma Gandhi gave emphasis on cleaning by oneself. So it is our moral responsibility to contribute to maintain our workplace clean and tidy.

Also the dirty work environment in the work place results in increase of machine deterioration, breakdowns, accidents, etc. In order to improve the efficiency of our equipments and to avoid accidents, clean work place cleaning is essential. As overall cleaning of the workplace is not possible every day, one special day is devoted to cleaning entire workplace. This day is called "Mega Cleaning Day", all the employees of the organization are doing cleaning of entire organization.

Based on our experience we have derived guidelines for Mega Cleaning Day. The same are as mentioned below;

Why Mega Cleaning Day?

  • Purpose of Mega cleaning day is to create a culture of cleanliness and self discipline. Message of Total Employee Involvement is also given by this day. Employees start feeling that cleaning is not a dirty activity, but it is an important activity. This activity also boosts up the team spirit among all levels of the employees.
  • After celebrating this day, area leaders will have to develop their own area's check list of Cleaning and list abnormalities which are ignored in daily routine.

Who will be involved in Mega Cleaning Day?

  • All employees of particular area or organization will be involved in cleaning activity. But some area leaders have to do supervision activity on that day. Each area leader shall divide his/her area and assign responsibilities to respective employees. He/she shall brief each sub-ordinates about what, why, how to perform the cleaning activity. Some HODs / Departments Heads have to take care of safety activities.
  • Safety officer/Responsible person for safety precautions will be responsible for ensuring that all safety requirements are met. He/she shall give work permit to each area leader before starting the activities. Also he/she shall ensure that all electrical connections are disconnected, no one is working at unsafe height and employees are wearing appropriate PPEs. When mega cleaning activity is going on he/she shall do patrol inspection of entire factory to ensure no unsafe act is being performed.

Where Mega Cleaning Activity will be performed?

  • Mega cleaning activities will be carried out in entire factory and surrounding areas or part of organization as decided. Mega cleaning activities shall cover floor, Wall (up to 3 meter height), machines, office, work tables, drawers, shelf, rack etc.
  • NOTE: For safety purpose it is advisable not to perform mega cleaning activity on areas at heights such as ceiling, cranes, roofs etc. or any area above 3 meters height. Cleaning activities inside machines are not carried out on this day. Any equipment or device connected with energy/power source like electricity or gas etc. and which cannot be disconnected is left out on this day, avoid cleaning on those equipment or area. Such equipments are taken up for cleaning on some other day with strict supervision.

How to perform Activities on Mega Cleaning Day?

  • Before mega cleaning day:
    • Step 1) Organization has to decide area/day/time/responsibility for mega cleaning day. This activity can be performed for half day also.
    • Step 2) Announce Mega cleaning day through internal circulars, notices and mass communications.
    • Step 3) Conduct training/communication meeting for all area leaders, safety, HR personnel and explain them about mega cleaning activity.
    • Step 4) HR/Administration function has to ensure that enough cleaning tools/ materials are available on Mega Cleaning Day. For this they shall first check available stock and keep sufficient quantity ready for Mega Cleaning Day. Distribute cleaning tools/materials to all area leaders in advance.

On the mega cleaning day

  • Before mega cleaning day:
    • Step 1) First of all Safety Officer has to visit each area and check the status of area. He/she shall give work permit to each area after checking electrical disconnection and other safety requirements. If required he shall brief all team members of particular area to about safety precautions and PPEs.
    • Step 2) Once work permit is received, area leader shall explain his/her team about their respective area to be cleaned and handover cleaning tools/materials to their team members.
    • Step 3) He/she shall critically observe SAFETY and over all activity and give feedback for safety precautions as necessary.
    • Step 4) Cleaning is inspection so each area leader shall have to list down abnormalities in prescribed format.
    • Step 5) If abnormalities found are something which can be rectified without any safety hazard or minor repairing then the same has to be attended under supervision of area leader.
    • Step 6) Steering committee members shall take round of the entire area and encourage employees on mega cleaning day. They have to participate in cleaning activity to set an example.
    • Step 7) Area leaders shall ensure removal of unwanted or unnecessary items along with cleaning.

After the mega cleaning day:

  • Step 1) Each area leader shall submit list of abnormalities to Management Representative/Administration/Maintenance.
  • Step 2) Each area leader shall prepare cleaning checklist for his/her area after which they are going to implement in future in their area on regular basis.
  • Step 3) Plan and Remove pending abnormalities – by area leaders. Do why-why analysis of the identified abnormalities where required.

Important tips:

  • The definition of quality is conformance to requirements (requirements meaning both the product and the customer's requirements)
  • The system of quality is prevention
  • The performance standard is zero defects (relative to requirements)
  • The measurement of quality is the price of nonconformance

Four Absolutes of Quality

  • Detachment (anasakti) in all actions is again emphasized here. Managers must be able to discriminate between decisions based on intelligence/ head and those based on emotions/ heart. Whatever the situation, emotion (mana) must never overpower intelligence (buddhi). Ego, arrogance, desire, envy, nepotism and greed must have no place in managerial decisions and actions. An exemplary leader demonstrates purity of results to be achieved by purity of means and resorts to no shortcuts or unethical means.

- Philip Crosby

Work is Worship & Workplace is a Holy Place by Mr-Sushil Macwan