Why Graduates shall go for Six Sigma Certification?

Increase Your Employability

By Tarun .J .Gajjar

Why Engineering Graduates shall go for Six Sigma Certification?

  • Today India is fastest growing economy in world today, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) is growing at 7.6 % in 2015-16.
  • Youth demographic: 65% of its population is 35 or under, and half the country‘s population of 1.25 billion people is under 25 years of age.
  • Our Unemployment data is also doubtful as only 10% are working in organized sector and 90% in Unorganized sector (Informal) whose data is not available. As per data available -Unemployment was 3.8 % in 2001 and has increased to 9.1% in 2011.
  • Every Year 120 Lacks young students are added every year who looks for white collar job .Eight Big sectors created 4,21,000 jobs in 2014 and 1,34,000 in July /Sept 2015.
  • We can see the Huge Gap or the level of competitions.
  • What is solution to be marketable in such competition? The only way is to constantly update own skill as per industry demand
  • Six Sigma advantages;
    • Six Sigma Impacts Bottom Line
    • Six Sigma drives strategy
    • Six Sigma generates robust business processes
    • Six Sigma improves human performance across the organization
    • Six Sigma is highly scalable
    • Six Sigma is a low risk investment
A Value ‘Model’

You can Eliminate Errors in any Business Process

  • From an organization’s perspective, acquiring Six Sigma certification skills enables an individual to demonstrate uninterrupted efforts and gain stable and foreseeable process results.
  • With a Six Sigma certification, you would be able transform and enable an organization to make more revenue by identifying and eliminating errors that would otherwise have brought poor customer satisfaction and losses to the business

You can Improve Business Processes

  • Once you achieve a Six Sigma certification, you will have the knowledge to identify the characteristics of an organization’s manufacturing and business processes and be able to measure, analyze, control, and improve them. These skills are very important in getting hired by any business organization.
  • And as a certified Six Sigma professional, you will also have the ability to conduct a complete review of current practices and gain a very clear understanding of their impact on quality performance.

You can Sustain Quality Improvement In Organizations

  • You will develop the ability to achieve the level of sustained quality improvement required in an organizational set-up -particularly for those who are in top management. Sustaining quality improvement entails monitoring processes closely to ensure there is little to no deviation from the mean, and taking corrective measures to reel in a project that may be straying off the path.

You can apply Across any Industries

  • Certified Six Sigma professionals find gainful employment in industries across the board – from Information Technology and Security to Healthcare, Investment Banking and Finance to Automotive manufacturing, the demand for certified quality specialists remain high across sectors.

You can measure and Quantify Financial Benefits Of Projects

  • Once you complete your Six Sigma course and obtain your certification, you will gain a clear understanding of measuring and quantifying financial benefits from executing any Six Sigma project. Because financial management and risk-assessment are highly desirable skills for middle and top-level management, certified Six Sigma professionals stand a very good chance of rising to senior managerial positions at some of the largest and most profitable enterprises across the world, including companies like Verizon, GE, and IBM.

You can comply with international standards

  • With the stringent quality standards of Six Sigma, manufacturing and process errors are reduced to insignificant figures. This has meant that a number of vendors, procurers, and oversight organizations apply Six Sigma standards when evaluating products or accounts. As a certified Six Sigma professional, you will be able to help your organization comply with international standards, and maintain profitable contracts.

This course helps you to Nurture Managerial and Leadership Ability

  • Because Six Sigma also touches upon various techniques and knowhow to cut costs, increase revenue, and ways to improve the efficiency of the business process, with a Six Sigma certification, you will be able to position yourself as a change agent within the organization, spearheading quality improvement throughout a team or organization, bolstering your leadership skill set.

You will be offered Excellent Pay Packages

  • According to a survey carried out by indeed.com in the United States of America, the salary for Six Sigma certified individuals may reach as high as $117,000 a year. Experienced Six Sigma certification-holders routinely break into the $100,000+ pay bracket, and are among the highest-paid professionals globally
  • The average annual salary for Six sigma Black belt Project Manager is Rs 10,18,194 per year( India) .People in this job generally don’t have more than 20 years of experience .Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job. Skills that are associated with high pay for this job are process improvement and project management.(Source payscale.com 2016)

You can start your carrier with Worlds best multinationals – It is like entry pass

  • According to Villanova University, you stand a better chance of landing excellent and career growth by companies like UnitedHealth Group, Honeywell, GE, and Volkswagen when you possess a Six Sigma certification. These are very high paying companies that are renowned all over the world for the success they have achieved over the years.

You will have better Chance of Getting Promoted

  • A certification is a validation of a professional’s skillset and abilities, and serves as tangible proof of a professional’s commitment to their domain and to professional advancement. Six Sigma certification-holders are thus star assets at any organization implementing the Six Sigma paradigm, and promotions can come thick and fast.

You can stand out from the Crowd as the Innovator

  • If your organization does not yet implement Six Sigma, you could be the pioneer of Lean, Agile, and Six Sigma best practices at your company. This will help position your profile as an innovator, and stand out from the crowd as a proactive and determined individual.

You Will Be Able To Find Work In Any Industry

  • Given the diversity of industries and sectors that Six Sigma finds application in, Six Sigma credential holders will be able to find bountiful employment in any industry of their choice. As an industry-independent methodology, it has been applied successfully in aerospace, electronics, telecom, banking and financial services, IT, HR, marketing, and many more industries.

It Helps to Improve Customer Relations in Your assignments

  • Whilst Lean Six Sigma is primarily a means to increase efficiency, you’ll also be able to apply its practices to reduce the number of customer complaints. When you apply Lean Six Sigma to customer relations it will likely result in reductions in complaint resolution time and a cut in the number of complaints.

It gives Hands-On Experience In Quality Management

  • Unlike a few other certifications, the rigour of the Six Sigma certification process means that most training programs also include hands-on work on industry projects and experience with implementation of theoretical principles to real-life scenarios. As a certified Six Sigma specialist, you will gain valuable experience even before you enter the workforce.

You’ll be prepared for leadership roles

  • Once the Six Sigma Black Belt is obtained, a person is both educated in Six Sigma methodologies and prepared to become a change agent within their organization. You’ll lead efforts to improve processes and the quality of services.
  • The Six Sigma Black belt can open doors to promotion in upper management and, as you might expect, improves your prospects of obtaining a job with a different employer.
  • Availability of Six Sigma

You’ll be able to apply it to almost any industry

  • Six Sigma is an industry independent methodology and has been applied successfully across:
  • Manufacturing industries: Aerospace, Health equipment, Electronic Goods, Textiles, Service industries: Telecom, Banking and Financial services, Health care, Hotels, IT, Airlines, Cargo Movement, HR, Marketing
  • By getting Lean Six Sigma certified, you’ll be able to apply your hard-earned skills and
  • Knowledge across a huge number of industries, organizations and businesses. This provides
  • You with a massive boost in employability because your new skills and knowledge will be
  • Applicable in almost any company.


  • Six sigma helps both students & Company
  • As you can see, becoming Six Sigma certified has advantages for both students and the company he/ she works for.
  • Six sigma is helpful for everyone in aspects of getting a good job and also for business excellence pertaining to graduates.
  • Six Sigma methodologies have the capability of improving company’s bottom line and making customers happier, as well as improving his/her marketability and chances of quality employment for many years to come.

Who should attend?

  • CEOs, Presidents, Project Managers, Team leaders/Members, Field Staff Members, Project Engineers, Design Engineers, Project Leaders and Administrators, Industrial Engineers, Program Managers, Manufacturing Engineers, Project Coordinators, Operating Managers, Functional Managers, Information Technology Professionals, Software Developers, Quality & Testing Engineers, Sales & Marketing professionals, Civil/Mechanical/Electrical engineers, Procurement specialists, Event mangers, R&D Managers, others involved directly or indirectly with Project Management, Quality assurance managers, BPO team leaders, and Executive leadership from Finance, Training, Communications, Human Resources and Quality who are interested in gaining a better understanding of manufacturing processes and reducing process variability in order to improve business success.