KAIZEN Deployment

KAIZEN Deployment

A Kaizen is a Japanese word. The meaning of the Kaizen is "Continuous Improvement".

If we break the word Kaizen, the meaning will be as, Kai means "Change" and Zen means "Better". Kaizen is a system that includes every employee – from Top management to operator. Everyone in the organization is encouraged to come up with small improvement.

All systems improvement teachings emphasize ways of thinking – not just sets of practices. Every employee is hired to use their head & heart – not just their hands. So for using the creativity of all employees Kaizen is a very effective tool.

Our value addition to Kaizen Deployment

We create structure in the organization for effective implementation of Kaizen. Different Kaizen teams are formed and team wise Kaizen targets are determined. We provide training to each team to identify Kaizens within the organization and in the processes.

We develop Kaizen Manual, Kaizen rules and regulations, Kaizen Approval system in the organization for sustenance of Kaizen System.

We organize Kaizen Mela to exhibit the Kaizens implemented by each team. Also spot Kaizen competition is organize during Kaizen Mela. We create Kaizen reward & recognition system to motivate the employees.

Kaizen Deployment

Ten Commandments to be kept in mind while implementing Kaizen

  • Keep an open mind to change
  • Think of Ways to make it possible
  • Always attack Processes, Never People
  • Seek Simple Solutions
  • Correct the Mistake Right away
  • Use Creativity, Not Capital
  • Problems are Opportunities in Disguise
  • Find the Root Causes
  • Wisdom of Many, Not the Knowledge of One
  • There is no Final Destination on the Improvement Journey