International Accreditation for Lean & Six Sigma Trainings

Concept Business Excellence Pvt. Ltd (CBEPL) has been Accredited as an Authorized Training Provider by the International Accreditation body “Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (Europe) Limited”, ASCB "Worldwide" UK since 2009. This recognition means that certificate issued by CBEPL is recognized internationally.

ASCB "Worldwide" Accreditation is the only accreditation board which allows permanent online view of all Successful Participants’ profile on International Registrar of Quality Accredited Organization’s website with their photograph, Name, Number, Address, Email id etc.

The Participants is free to view his Certificate online and online listing is controlled via stringent quality assurance procedures.

Internation Accreditation for Lean & Six Sigma Trainings

Dorset, BH8 0AU United Kingdom. It is a requirement of the training accreditation process that course training plans are prepared defining key elements of the training provision, these are periodically reviewed and audited by ASCB "Worldwide" and verified on site for Course deliverables, Evaluation of live training program; Credentials of Trainers, Participants feedback etc.

Typically, the accreditation activity will ensure that the totality of training provision is appropriate for the intended or target trainee and their employers where appropriate. This is achieved via the provision of stringent quality assurance measures designed to ensure that the training requirement or input, matches the training and educational material, or output. In addition, ASCB "Worldwide" accreditation will ensure that the training provider has addressed the essential, ancillary and logistical support activities, including essential Health & Safety requirements as well as the academic and administrative support, that results in the correct delivery and assimilation by students of the training and educational material.

Note: ASCB (E) is an Accreditation Board, unlike many training providers who use Association’s Accreditation instead of Accreditation Board.

Free permanent listing on International Registrar of Quality Assessor Organization is the rare and important feature of ASCB "Worldwide" for participants.