Cluster Development

Cluster Development

Cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the competitiveness with which the participating organizations can compete the global challenges. Ideal no. of participating organizations in cluster is 6-10, though there is no any standardize process is established for formation of cluster.

The small and medium organizations who cannot afford the expert’s intervention charges for improving their competitiveness, they can form the cluster & appoint expert jointly. Also in cluster activity the participating organizations visit each other’s unit to see the implementation status & accordingly they can do the horizontal deployment of the same in their units. That’s why cluster activity is also known as “Learning Through Sharing”.

Out value addition in Cluster Program

We at Concept during implementation of Cluster program, in the initial phase conduct gap assessment of the participating organizations. We prepare diagnostic study report after gap assessment & also prepare Action Plan for organization’s competitiveness enhancement. This diagnostic study report & action plan both are agreed by the participating organization & same is approved by them.

In the implementation phase common training programs are arranged for selected members of participating units. They are trained on different topics of competitiveness enhancement & also we provide handholding support to each unit member for effective implementation of the learning. We conduct periodic implementation review with top management to check the status of implementation.