Smart Manufacturing Solution Industry 4.0

Learn and improve your career prospect and help your organization to improve efficiency.

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Course Overview

We are at the Fourth Industrial Revolution and this revolution is very much driven by the smarts in automating decision making and processes. Industry 4.0 concerns the transformation of industrial processes through the integration of modern technologies such as sensors, communication, and computational processing.

Technologies such as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics are considered to be the different drivers necessary for the transformation. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is an application of IoT in industries to modify the various existing industrial systems.

IIoT links the automation system with enterprise, planning and product lifecycle.This course has been organized into the following modules: In this course we focus on how organisations and knowledge workers can be better prepared to reap the benefits of this latest revolution.

Business Excellence training - Manager

How You Will Benefit:

  • Better prepared for changes of Industry 4.0
  • Understand components of Smart Factories
  • Bring innovative solutions using IIoT
  • Use bigdata and AI for smart solutions
  • Understand the opportunities, challenges brought about by Industry 4.0

Course Methodology

  • Presentations
  • Games
  • Case Studies
  • Audio – Video
  • Desk Top Exercises
  • Learning by Doing

Who Should Attend?

Professionals working in manufacturing and service industries who want to learn about future of factories to improve productivity, efficiency at any level.

Course Content

Introduction to Industry 4.0

  • The Various Industrial Revolutions
  • Digitalisation
  • Networked Economy
  • Why Industry 4.0
  • Challenges for Industry 4.0
  • Case study on Development in various countries.
  • Comparison of Industry 4.0 Factory and Today's Factory
  • Predictive Analytics for Smart Business Transformation

Iot and Smart Manufacturing

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Smart Devices and Products
  • Smart Logistics

CPS / AI / Cyber Security

  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Robotic Automation and Collaborative Robots
  • Support System for Industry 4.0
  • Case studies on Industry 4.0
  • How you should prepare for Industry 4.0