Business Excellence training - Manager

Learn and improve your career prospect and help your organization to improve efficiency.

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Course Overview

Business Excellence is a leadership philosophy and methodology based on universal principles that leads to sustainable organizational excellence. This program provides business leaders with a solid foundation on how to drive continuous outstanding performance in their organization.

Business Excellence and the Business Excellence Framework (BEF) is an integrated leadership and management system that describes the elements essential to sustainable organizational excellence.

It can be used to assess and improve any aspect of an organization, including leadership, strategy and planning, people, information and knowledge, safety, service delivery, product quality and bottom-line results.

In this program you will learn the essentials of how the world’s best organizations achieve excellence in a practical and applicable way.

Customized for business leaders, the program provides an essential foundation that you can use to create change in your organization.

Business Excellence training - Manager

How You Will Benefit:

This workshop is aimed at achieving the following:

To your organisation:

  • Achieve a basis for stronger financial performance
  • Raise productivity of your people and reduce costs
  • Engage teams in process improvement and increase staff satisfaction
  • Increase the capacity to manage change
  • Improve decision-making capabilities
  • Increase understanding of your customers.

To you:

  • Develop a “Systems Thinking” viewpoint for delivering value to your customers
  • Understand the impact that variation is having your business and staff
  • Learn how you can self-assess opportunities for improvement today
  • Develop your statistical thinking to improve your decision making capability
  • Learn how to lead sustainable change.

Course Methodology

  • Lecture
  • Presentation through Audio- Video
  • Case Studies
  • Desk Top Exercises
  • Group Exercise
  • Games

Who Should Attend?

Interested Participants can attend the course.

Course Content

Day 1

  • Establish a philosophy of business excellence in your organisation
  • The Wellbeing and Continuous Improvement models
  • Mapping the Sustainable Excellence journey
  • Understanding and living Universal Principles for individuals and organizations Fish principle.
  • The Value Adding chain (value stream in your organization)
  • Benefits of Systems Thinking
  • Self assessment process
  • Identifying the enterprises strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritizing opportunities for improvement.
  • Understanding the improvement cycle and its role in business excellence
  • Understanding the current state of your organization
  • Identifying the “long levers” for improvement

Day 2

  • Root cause analysis—how does it work and what are the benefits.
  • Process benchmarking—what can we learn from others organizations?
  • Improving relationships and processes
  • Action planning to implement change
  • Statistical thinking
  • Determining what to measure
  • Collecting and displaying data
  • Listening to the “voice of the system”
  • Documenting your system, processes, policies and supporting documents
  • The importance in investing in your people— training
  • Coaching for sustainability
  • Enabling continuous improvement
  • Stimulus/response model
  • Core leadership processes
  • Conversation changing questions.

What’s Included?

  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Small interactive classes
  • Personalized certificate of completion